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Michael Rosenbaum Online is your oldest fansite dedicated to actor, director, and voice artist Michael Rosenbaum who is widely known for his roles as Lex Luthor in Smallville, Adam in Sorority Boys as well as many other roles in film, TV and animation. We’ll do our best to provide you with all the latest news, pictures, videos and more. Candids and paparazzi pictures will not be featured on this site.

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Gigs and album with Rob Danson

Inside of you with Michael Rosenbaum podcast

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Michael now has two Podcasts

In Inside of you Michael talks with friends and tries to find out the deep dark stories that we all want to know!

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Where have all the good horror movies gone is a Patreon only podcast with Jon Heder. They discuss horror movies and if you want more information you can go to Horrorclub

The last  podcast is no longer active, however you can still listen to it. In this podcast Michael and Chris Sullivan talked about positivity and happy talks as well as having a phone line where you could ask for love advice!

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Michael quotes

  • “The first day of shooting I walk up to Christopher Walken, and I said, Should I call you Mr. Walken or Chris? He goes, “Call me Flash.””

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Left on Laurel album

Left on Laurel’s first album is available for pre-order now on Itunes I am so excited!! They will also be bringing out merch like T shirts, vinyl and hats so keep an eye on their Facebook and Instagram for more information.

The track list is:

  1. Let’s Go for a Ride
  2. The 10
  3. Right Side of the Canyon
  4. Lost (With Your Eyes Open)
  5. Beautiful Mess
  6. Desperate Side of Town
  7. Fantasy
  8. Little Boy
  9. Fire
  10. Everything

I have not been able to find it in the UK Itunes as yet but when I do I will post a link

‘Smallville’ Complete Series Gets Blu-Ray Release Date Along With 28 Hours of Bonus Features

Warner Bros. will be releasing the entire collection of the hit series Smallville on Blu-Ray this October. This will mark the iconic superhero program’s first debut on Blu-Ray, with all 218 episodes from the series included. The collectible is arriving right on time for the series’ 20th anniversary.

Smallville: The Complete Series 20th Anniversary Edition will come loaded with 28 hours of bonus content. The extra features will include featurettes on Smallville‘s appearances at Comic-Con and the Paley Festival, the original pilot of The Adventures of Superboy starring John Rockwell, and Secret Origin: The American Story of DC Comics, a feature-length documentary that shines a light on the struggles and victories of the eponymous comics publishing company. Usual suspects of a series release of this magnitude, such as audio commentaries, deleted scenes, and gag reels, will also be included.

Tom Welling anchored Smallville as Clark Kent, while Kristin KreukMichael RosenbaumEric JohnsonSam Jones IIIAllison Mack, and Annette O’Toole made up the rest of the main cast. Smallville premiered in October 2001 and ran for ten years, premiering originally on The WB before the network’s transition to The CW. It’s hard to deny the impact of the series, which has certainly served as a major inspiration for the Greg Berlanti-produced superhero fare that currently airs on The CW, from The Flash to Legends of Tomorrow.

Here are all the bonus features that will be included in the Blu-Ray release:

  • The Adventures of Superboy – The original 1961 pilot starring John Rockwell.
  • A Retrospective Look at the Series’ 10-Year Journey – An in-depth, season-by-season look at the creation of this landmark television series. Highlights include interviews with Tom Welling, Eric Durance, Michael Rosenbaum, Phil Morris, John Schneider and many more, as well as rare behind-the-scenes footage.
  • A Decade of Comic-Con Featurette
  • Paley Festival Featurette
  • Smallville’s 100th Episode: Making of a Milestone – An extended version of the original featurette included in the Season 5 set.
  • Secret Origin: The American Story of DC Comics – A feature length documentary chronicling DC’s 75 years of challenges, creativity, and triumph.
  • Audio Commentaries, Deleted and Extended Scenes, Gag Reels, Behind-the-scenes featurettes and much more from all 10 seasons!

The Blu-Ray collection of Smallville, presented in a 16×9 widescreen format, will be available for pre-order on September 7, and will hit shelves on October 19. It will be priced at $179.99 ($209.99 in Canada), and contain 42 discs in total that encompass the 10 seasons and additional hours of bonus content. A digital download of the series will be a part of this set as well, with a DVD version also available at a lower price.

Source: collider.com – ‘Smallville’ Complete Series Gets Blu-Ray Release Date Along With 28 Hours of Bonus Features

10 Actors Whose Awesome Podcasts Are Worth Listening To

The podcast industry has grown exponentially since it started in the early 2000s. Like talk radio, podcasts feature audio listening opportunities that typically fall into certain formats, like news, interviews, or storytelling. Unlike the radio, podcasts can be listened to at the subscriber’s discretion, and similar to traditional TV series, they tend to release episodes weekly. The industry has seen a surge in popularity over the past five years, doubling the monthly active podcast listener from $45.8 million in 2015 to $105.6 million in 2020.

It’s no wonder then that actors who often already have a strong social media presence and fanbase are flocking to the medium. All of these actors have great stories of their own to tell, but instead, they use their platform to interview notable guests from many different industries. Some of these podcasters are B-list celebrities who have more time on their hands to dedicate to their shows, while others were simply inspired by the medium and its format that allows for more in-depth and meaningful conversations. With the podcast phenomenon steadily growing, many are looking for an entry point and what better than one hosted by a notable actor.

5/10 Inside of you with Michael Rosenbaum

While Michael Rosenbaum is often recognized as Lex Luthor from Smallville, he also had a successful career as a voice actor bringing to life The Flash on the Justice League and Justice League Unlimited animated series.

In 2018, Rosenbaum decided to use his unique voice to start a podcast called Inside of You With Michael Rosenbaum, where he conducts casual celebrity interviews. He often hosts people who are affiliated in one way or another with the superhero industry, even having his Smallville co-star, Tom Welling, on his first episode. Most recently he reunited with his fellow Justice League voice cast in a special reunion episode, including George Newbern (Superman), Phil LaMarr (Green Lantern), Susan Eisenberg (Wonderwoman), Maria Canals-Barrera (Hawkgirl), Carl Lumbly (Martian Manhunter), and Michael Rosenbaum (The Flash)

Source & full post: screenrant.com – 10 Actors Whose Awesome Podcasts Are Worth Listening To

Michael adds more Stageit shows with Rob Danson

Yes Rob Danson and Michael are playing together again on Sept 26th (2 Shows) 2pm & 6pm PST you can buy tickets on Stageit for the event.

All tips over $350 (3500 Notes) will get a PRIVATE ZOOM with the band either the night of the show or soon after.

TOP TIPPER (3500 notes or more):

*Private Zoom with the band
*We’ll learn, play and film any song of your choice, dedicate it to you, and email it to you (Please give us 3 choices)
*T-shirt with me and Rob on it (autographed if desired) – women’s v neck, or men’s crew neck available.
*Inside of you TUMBLER (no one has yet)
*Signed PHOTO of me and Rob
*Set List (signed)
*A real thanks and shout out on my PODCAST Inside of You.

SECOND and THIRD TIPPERS (3500 notes or more):

*Private Zoom with the band
*T-shirt with me and Rob on it (autographed if desired)
*Set list (signed) or a photo of me and rob (signed)

Inside of You Joins Westwood One Podcast Network

Credit to source

CUMULUS MEDIA’s Westwood One today welcomes Inside of You with Michael Rosenbaum to the Westwood One Podcast Network. An interview-style show that has reached more than 12 million downloads, Inside of You is not only funny and candid but grounded in a reality that is not always easy. Rosenbaum discusses how his guests have coped with tough issues such as anxiety, loss, depression, and failure. A new episode of Inside of You drops each Tuesday and is available at Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, TuneIn, Pocket Casts, and Google Podcasts, among other platforms. Westwood One will distribute, market, and monetize Inside of You

Rosenbaum spent the better part of the last two decades in and out of film and television, known best for his role on the long-running television series “Smallville.” Over the years, he befriended some of the most talented people in the business but realized he didn’t truly get to know these people until he took them into his home and started to really talk. Rosenbaum now invites these friends to join him on Inside of You, which offers a causal environment where they are comfortable sharing their flaws, insecurities, and all the things that make them human.  

“It is comforting for all of us to know that we are not the only ones facing challenges – by hearing how the biggest stars in the world deal with adversity, I hope my listeners can gain resolve and perspective,” said Rosenbaum. “Inside of You shines a big light onto mental health issues so we can normalize the conversations around them.” 

Source: radiofacts.com – Inside of You Joins Westwood One Podcast Network

Michael Rosenbaum and Rob Danson playing on stageit August 25th

Picture by Alessia Longo

Michael and Rob are doing some more shows on Stageit and oh my goodness these are called ‘Making an album’.  The shows are August 29 at 2:00 pm PDT for the afternoon show and 6 pm PDT for the evening show. You can buy tickets for both shows and make sure to follow Michael so you don’t miss any future shows.

They have announced the supporter prizes, everyone tipping over 3500 notes will get a private zoom with Rosenbaum and Danson.

The top tipper will get several great prizes:

  • Private Zoom
  • A song of your choice filmed and dedicated to you.
  • A t-shirt of Rosenbaum and Danson on it (autographed if desired)
  • A Set List (signed)
  • A real thanks and shout out on the Inside of You with Michael Rosenbaum podcast

Second and third top tippers will get:

  • Private Zoom
  • A t-shirt of Rosenbaum and Danson on it (autographed if desired)
  • A Set List (signed)

Inside of you has a Patreon

Patreon is a great way for creators to make money, many you tubers and twitch streamers have Patreons. It is so hard to make money with your art, but this is a wonderful way to give a little extra for the creators that really inspire you or who make your day.

Michael recently joined it with his podcast Inside of You and with it you get a lot of access to Michael that you do not usually get. As well as this he has a Discord server just for members and it has already become a really wonderful community of real fans.

There are three tiers set up so far on Patreon so lets have a look:

Surface Level

$5 per month

  • BONUS biweekly podcast
  • Community access

Getting deeper

$25 per month

  • BONUS biweekly podcast
  • Community access
  • Access to contribute to new segments of ‘Shit Talkin’ with Rosey
  • Exclusive access to member only Q&A’s “Inside of ME”

All the way inside

$100 per month

  • BONUS biweekly podcast
  • Community access
  • Access to contribute to new segments of ‘Shit Talkin’ with Rosey
  • Exclusive access to member only Q&A’s “Inside of ME”
  • Personalized shoutouts on the Inside Of You podcast!
  • 4 MONTH MARK: Supporters who have pledged for 4 consecutive months at this level will receive exclusive Quarterly Inside Of You care packages with physical bonuses from yours truly.

Head over to Michael’s Patreon page now for more information and to join the fun


Credit to source

Any true comic fan-boy knows that Lex Luthor is the true king of all bad guys, but in the world of television and ‘Smallville,”  the only person that could take such a standard depiction of evil and turn him into a leveled, complex, and multi-layered anti-villain is the always incredible Michael Rosenbaum- a man who easily helped to redefine the superhero genre as a whole, making it safe to say that the former CW star is easily one of the best actors out there when it comes to live-action work. However, extraordinarily  multitalented, the worshiped star is not just an actor, but also a singer, musician, podcaster and entrepreneur, consistently producing mountains of his own quality content across every outlet of media as he builds his own brand. Whether Rosenbaum is in front of the camera, on stage, or in a voice over booth, his influential voice and abilities shine through, and it’s easy to see why he’s had such a knack when it comes to dominating entertainment, always keeping one step ahead with the rapid changes that have come as technology and social media alter the scope of the industry.

A voiceover king whether it be for his podcast, video games, or cartoons, the hard-working star can do more with the spoken word than many actors can do on while being seen hours on screen. Wanting to throw himself into the work and make it the absolute best that it could be, Rosenbaum keeps his vocal chords primed, keeping his skills fresh by doing impressions of some of the great voices of this century, and with Christopher Walken, Keanu Reeves, and other amazing impersonations up his sleeve, it’s easy to see why the clever talent is such a pro at keeping the attention of audiences everywhere- and truthfully, utilizing his Walken impression for the role of Ghoul on “Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker” was nothing short of a stroke of genius.

No stranger or newbie to loaning his pipes to the cartoon world, Rosenbaum has been doing it for most of his career, using the medium to only further perfect his acting skills. Knowing what a role will call for and what tone is needed is what the versatile actor is known for, and it’s no different for voice-overs. As the lead of the video game “Yakuza” may require the celebrated actor to be more serious, games like “Batman: Arkham Knight,” and “Lego DC Super-Villains” call for a more comedic performance, and the skilled performer always understands the complex balance between the two, easily making him one of the most sought after talents when it comes to booking the voices behind our favorite toons.

And with shows like “Smallville” making its rounds on the streaming services and coming up on its 20th anniversary of when it began, Lex Luthor himself and his co-star Tom Welling are taking time at comic conventions to celebrate the notoriety they have received from the show, charitably giving back to the fans that made them. With no press, no cameras, and no filming, the highly revered stars are doing events at night after the conventions are over inviting small groups of fans out for what they call “Smallville Nights.” During one of these events, the actors impressively make fun games for the attendees- like a private reading of a script while they invite some of the crowd onto the stage to perform other roles, showing that the dedication and love of his character is not wasted on Rosenbaum. Constantly putting the fans first, the benevolent star seems to have no intentions of forgetting the show that made him a superstar, or the people that idolized him for it.

But while it may seem that the busy artist already has a ton on his plate between acting on screen, lending his voice to games and toons, and giving back to the fans, those endeavors barely scratch the surface of all Rosenbaum has his hand in. Recording two podcasts that air weekly and bi-weekly, “Inside of You” and “In Love with Michael Rosenbaum and Chris Sullivan” have already proven that the intuitive star knows how to cultivate a hit, with the personable host constantly aware of who might make a fantastic guest. Not just wanting his friends on his show, finding actors and celebs with interesting stories to tell has been yet another specialty for the savvy talent, with Rosenbaum utilizing his time with them as he skillfully gets them to open up for some of the best interviews out there. And again, true to form in putting fans first, what inspires the actor to continuously come back to the format is the letters he receives from listeners to tell him that his shows and interviews have made an impact on their lives.

And even with two podcasts under his belt, the “Sorority Boys” star still manages to take on even more. Growing up in Oceanside, NY one of the greatest things about the beloved performer’s childhood was to be able to synchronize a song to a moment in his life, and remember where he was and who he was with when he first heard it. When the incredibly talented podcaster hears the song “If You Leave Me Now” by Chicago, he can pinpoint an exact moment in time when he went to his grandmother’s house on as a child- and clearly, that love for music has paid off and paved the way for the multitalented Long Island native to dabble in harmonies himself. With his band Left on Laurel, Rosenbaum and his fellow musicians have released a new album in October, and having already had a few great concerts overseas, the singer/actor is learning that music is an integral part of who he is as an artist and performer, with everything he listened to in the car while growing up serving as a precursor for the music he would go on to make as an adult.

An actor, podcaster, voice-over expert, musician, philanthropist, and all around bad-ass, it’s easy to see why Rosenbaum is conquering every facet of entertainment, and it’s also safe to say that even though he might have played the villain of the Superman story, we were right to idolize him for all those years as our personal superhero. With plenty on the way and even more in development from toons, to music, to live-action roles, WINGMAN sat down with the energized star and learned all about what he is currently working on, and what else he would love to do.

WINGMAN: You have two podcasts that come out weekly; “Inside of You with Michael Rosenbaum,” and “In Love with Michael Rosenbaum and Chris Sullivan.” I know how much time it can take to edit one, so please tell me you have an editor of some sort. 

MICHAEL ROSENBAUM: It’s kind of a machine, believe it or not. I wouldn’t be able to do it all myself, I would fall apart pretty quickly, so I surrounded myself with great people. I have a great editor, whose name is Mia, and she edits both “Inside of You with Michael Rosenbaum,” and “In Love with Michael Rosenbaum and Chris Sullivan,” and is the engineer for “In Love.” We also have a guy named Ryan, who is my engineer- and you hear me talking to him during the show while we are doing the podcast. I also have a guy named Bryce who does a lot of my social media, and tries to get us out there for more visibility. So we have a whole team out there to get people to listen to it and discover it more, and it’s hard. 

WINGMAN: What made you want to start one podcast, never mind two?

ROSENBAUM: I never thought that I would have a podcast. A friend told me that I should do it, and that he would take care of everything. So I started doing it, and it’s been tough, and it didn’t get easier for a while. As grateful and happy that I am to be doing the podcast, and how much I want to keep doing it, it’s not like I can sit back and do nothing. I have to get guests that I think would be interesting, or guests that I am capable of getting- guests that I really have to beg and plead in order to get bigger names on the podcast. It’s about building relationships, building trust, talking to their publicists, and having their client listen to a specific episode podcast, and then have them tell me they don’t want to do the podcast. It’s almost like an actor telling someone to watch a scene that they are did in a film to show their ability. My buddy Dax [Shepard] came on the podcast, and he loved it so much that he wanted to do it. Now he has one of the biggest podcasts in the world. People ask if I am pissed that he started a podcast, and of course I’m not upset. I wish some of his listeners would stay with me, sure, but I am happy for him. He asked if he could use my producer, and I said absolutely- because at that point we were just getting going and weren’t making money, and I told my producer that since he is supporting a family to go over to his podcast. Well, his podcast blew up and took off, so I told my producer to go with Dax, and that I would find someone new. It was a bit of a shitshow, but at times your ego is thinking “Fuck man, I have a great show, why aren’t as many people tuning in?” Then you have to reel yourself back in about your success, that your show is affecting people, and that’s it! Success isn’t based on how much money you make or how many downloads there are. It’s based on if you got any purpose out of it. 

WINGMAN: One of my favorite guests that you have had was Kristin Kreuk- it was so insightful, and since you have known her since she was so young, it was fantastic fodder. What was your favorite part about that interview, and who has been your favorite guest so far?

ROSENBAUM: I have had some great guests. Some guests that were even greater, and for me, I like when I am surprised by a guest. And what I mean by that is; if I don’t know much about them, or they don’t know much about me, or don’t have much in common, and they are able to open up and give a piece of themselves, so much as to just be vulnerable or be open about something, at which they don’t realize the impact that they have on the people around the world that are listening. I get emails all the time, as well as tweets, and letters from people, and they tell me about their mental health issues, that they have lost someone in their family, or that they suffer from anxiety or depression, and it’s just a way to relate. We all have something, and that’s what makes us human. Everyone will say “Look at that guy, he’s got his shit together,” and he doesn’t. I just emailed with a friend that we thought had the perfect life , had everything going on, and I thought “I bet he is stressed out of his mind, doesn’t stop working,” and I just asked him if he wanted to be on the podcast [chuckles.] He told me that it was the third time I had asked him, and that he was too busy, and a little short with me. I had asked him three months ago to be on, but that’s fine. If you get short with someone so small, then you are stressed out about a lot of things. It’s relatability, like when people come up to me at conventions or on the street and remember me from my television and film projects. When they come up to me and say that my interview really helped them get through something- it makes my day. For Kristen’s interview, it was one of the first interviews that I did over the phone because she was up in Toronto or Montreal. It was a true test for me, because I am Facetiming, but at the same time, there isn’t that warm, right there sort of connection. We know each other, and we’re friends. I have always loved Kristen, and think she is an amazing human being. It was very dynamic, and she opened up about trying to enjoy “Smallville,” and her notoriety. She was very forthcoming and open about things which helps me as an interviewer, because the true test is when someone doesn’t want to talk about anything, so they keep changing the subject, and you are trying to get them back on track. People can see right through the bullshit when they are listening. If you listen to my conversation with Zachary Levi, Rainn Wilson, or Jenna Fischer- they all bring things that are very personal, and they are fantastic. Stephen Amell talks about his divorce, which he never talks about. We are actually doing another wine together for his company; Nocking Point Wine. Last year, Tom Welling and I had our own subscription wine called PureEvil, and it looks like we are going to be working with them again. 

WINGMAN: Cartoons have been part of your work for quite some time, whether it be superheroes, “Jackie Chan Adventures” or “The Wild Thornberrys.” What is most exciting for you to be part of; a cartoon or video game? 

ROSENBAUM: One of the most stressful things for an actor is to look good, put on makeup, know all of your lines, and with voice over you don’t have to do any of that. You just have to know the script, look the scenes over, and then you give a couple different versions of the role. If you have a good enough director like Andrea Romano who directed me in “Justice League,” then that’s really good. I like it because it’s very laid back, there isn’t as much pressure, and you can have fun. It’s like you are a kid in the candy store, doing voices that your mom hated! It’s just as hard as acting. Getting voiceover work is harder than getting work in acting. I must have gone in on five different animated Netflix series, and video games, and thought I kicked ass on them all! I think to myself, “Are they even listening to these tapes, because I thought I nailed that shit!?” It’s frustrating no matter what, and you have to learn to let it go. That is one thing that I have learned to do no matter if it’s a movie or a show, I throw my papers away and leave the audition there. I love voiceover work whether it be shows, movies, or games. Just to play these characters is like being a kid all over again. 

WINGMAN: You’ve done So many different voices in a lot of projects. What has been your favorite, and why? 

ROSENBAUM: There was this game “Yakuza,” where I was the lead voice in that- and I loved that. Being the voice of The Flash was pretty awesome, because he was the fun character and definitely the comedic relief. Doing “Jackie Chan’s Adventures” was so much fun, and we did eight episodes in one afternoon. I do some narration and was the narrator for a “Lord of the Rings” special a few years back, which was incredible. I loved doing characters in “Batman Beyond,” and when Bruce Timm who was a writer and producer on the show would tell me to do my Christopher Walken impression for a character. 

WINGMAN: One project we loved was “Sorority Boys” with Barry Watson and Harland Williams. Was there ever any talk of a second one, like “Sorority Boys 2: House Moms”? 

ROSENBAUM: Harland Williams, who played Roberta on the film, and I had an idea for a film, and since we aren’t doing it anymore, I can just tell you. Barry’s [Watson] character has a kid that’s in college now, and she is being harassed, and our characters start to get worried about if she would meet guys like us, so we go undercover at the college as sorority ladies to be their protectors. We sat down with the producer Jason and the writer Greg Coolidge- who wrote the first one. We thought that we would have a chance to do it, even if it was low budget- and if anyone is out there listening, all we need is a million bucks and we can make this movie [laughs.] There are times when you are beginning your career and think that things are beneath you and will only do certain projects. Now, I just want to have fun! What could be better than shooting “Sorority Boys 2” with Barry Watson, Harland Williams, and my friend Greg Coolidge? That is absolute fun, and I would totally do that for a month or two.

WINGMAN: From what I’ve read, you also like to sing and play music. What is your favorite style of music to play, and who were your inspirations?

ROSENBAUM: You can tell when you listen to my music that I am trapped in the 70’s. I love the 80’s, I love The WallflowersThe Eagles, I love a little country, I am from southern Indiana. The lyrics and music that I write are about lost love and trying to get by, the good times, the good feelings. Songs like “Right Side of the Canyon” that I wrote is about two people that come out to California that can’t quite get it together, but are pretending that they do. That’s what people do; they pretend that they have their shit together and that we are in this continuous repeat stage. The right side of the canyon is where everyone wants to be on, and everybody always seems to be on the wrong side of the wrong things. It’s where I live, and I sing about The Canyon Country Store and buying spirits at The Canyon Country Store. Are the spirits the “American Spirits” cigarettes, or the spirits of Jim Morrison? When I think of songs and music, right away I have a vision. When you hear your favorite song, you think of whatever that song is. If you put on Chicago and I hear “If You Leave Me Now,” I remember getting off the Thirteen South freeway at the Southern State Parkway on Long Island Expressway and going to my grandma’s house. I close my eyes and see the black and white railing that takes you off the exit ramp, and I remember that song playing. If you think of a song, you can probably remember where you were, and who you were with. What inspires me is a song that has a melody, has a meaning, that you can listen to, and I think there is definitely some songs on this album that the band Left On Laurel made that people will feel good and just drive. I say it’s driving music because it’s a little bit beach rock with some Eagles, and Wallflowers all mixed in. People are really responding to it, and I am really proud of it. The guys in the band are Kent, Carl, Danson, Tom, and I – and we all worked really hard on this album. I can listen to mostly anything, except for most of today’s shit! 

WINGMAN: One thing we love about you is your generosity and willingness to work with charities. Talk about the ones you work with most. 

ROSENBAUM: I am really hands on with a couple of them, especially as of late after I had a life change. It’s one thing when you Venmo somebody $100 for a charity. But, it’s a big difference when you see firsthand the people that you are helping and it is more hands on. I joined this non-profit organization called Food on Foot which is one of the best nonprofits out there. It has an 85-90% success rate of getting homeless people food, a job, and an apartment. There is nothing better than helping the homeless, especially the ones that want a second chance at life. For me to go on a Sunday for three hours and meet these people, and see them making an effort to make it work, it makes a difference when you see people that want to have a second chance, a job, and a place to live. It’s really hard, so we really help them. Another charity is the Ronald McDonald House, which is all across the country, but it’s an unbelievable organization that houses children that are going to surgery, or are sick. Every Tuesday night I go over there and have a movie night. I brought over the movie “Casper,” some juice boxes, and my own popcorn popper, and I make fresh popcorn. These kids and their parents have become my friends, and I spend a couple of hours with them, making them laugh. As Billy Joel says, “To forget about life for a while.” Just being present, enjoying these kids, and listening to them has changed me a lot. The other charity I work with is ARM, which is the Animal Rescue Mission- they takes care of animals, especially with all of the wildfires and abused animals. They will go into the bad part of town if they hear that a dog has been hit by a car or something. There is also one called Echoes of Hope, and we work for foster youths, and it was started by Luc Robitaille, who is a Hall of Fame hockey player. We do a lot of events to give these kids a shot, especially when some kid is motivated, and to give them a support group like a family. 

WINGMAN: Smallville” has been over for 8 years, and it’s still at the forefront of everyone’s minds- as it should be. Talk about your “Smallville” nights that you and your friend an castmate Tom Welling have at comic cons. 

ROSENBAUM: It’s funny, because Tom and I were always really cool. The closest friend I had on the show was Tom, even though we didn’t hang out all the time. People don’t understand that when you are working with someone for 14 hours a day, that the last person you want to see is that person. I spent more time on that set with that crew than with my family, which is true if you add up all of the hours. I went to Tom and told him that he needs to come and do these conventions because selfishly I thought we would have fun, and I would have more fun with him. I only do about eight conventions a year, and I finally got him to do it, and he could really see the impact on these fans of the show. At first, people will think that we are taking money from fans, and it’s completely not what it’s about. I am a fan, and go to these conventions on my own. I go to horror movie conventions to get autographs! When people go to these conventions, it is a vacation for them! They will save their money up so they can buy toys, go to panels, meet their favorite actors, get autographs. This is what they want to do! By going to these conventions, giving them your time, and paying attention and thanking them, it’s a gift for them, and for you. I went to Tom and said, “We do these panels, and they are fun and all, but what if we did something at night, like 7PM or 8PM, after the convention with a small group, and we do something with no cameras or filming, and do things that no one will ever see us do.”  We did a few small cities just to try it out, and now we saw that it’s easy, it’s fun, and we see people loving it. Smallville Nights are a really special thing. I think we are really doing it because it is the 20th anniversary of when we started filming is next year. 

A great actor, charitable, AND he gives back to the fans? That’s why Rosenbaum is the Baum!

Source: wingmanmagazine.com – michael rosenbaum

Nocking Point Winery Announces First 2020 Collaboration With Tom Welling & Michael Rosenbaum

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If you follow Nocking Point Winery, Stephen Amell (Arrow) and Andrew Harding’s winery, then you know they like their celebrity collaborations!

Well, 2020 will kick off with a Smallville theme! Michael Rosenbaum (Smallville‘s Lex Luthor) and Tom Welling (Smallville‘s Superman/Clark Kent) will be collaborating once again with Amell’s wine company. This time, however, their individual wines will be switching sides — Tom’s will be ‘Evil’ and Michael’s will be ‘Pure’. Be sure to check out what wonderful vintage flavors these two have chosen for their wines!

Check out Nocking Point’s Instagram here!

And to purchase wine and other products from Nocking Point, go to their website here!

source – nerdsandbeyond.com – Nocking Point Winery Announces First 2020 Collaboration With Tom Welling & Michael Rosenbaum

Michael Rosenbaum’s Lex Luthor Is President In Crisis On Infinite Earths

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Although he turned down an opportunity to appear in Crisis On Infinite Earths, Michael Rosenbaum’s Lex Luthor as seen in Smallville still has a surprising offscreen role in the crossover.

During Batwoman’s episode Crisis On Infinite Earths: Part Two, Clark Kent (Tyler Hoechlin), Lois Lane (Bitsie Tulloch) and Iris West-Allen (Candice Patton) travel to Earth-167, which is revealed to be Smallville. Here, we see Smallville’s Clark Kent (Tom Welling) chopping some wood outside his home. The trio warn him that Lex Luthor is traveling throughout the multiverse to kill him. It is here where Clark mentions that he “didn’t know that the President was in town,” referencing Michael Rosenbaum’s Lex Luthor.

So as it turns out, in the years following Smallville’s series finale, Michael Rosenbaum’s Lex Luthor became President of the United States. This follows some comic book stories in which Superman’s mortal enemy becomes President. This storyline in the comics is often brought up in recent years due to some finding parallels between Lex Luthor and Donald Trump.

In Smallville’s series finale that aired in 2011, it is revealed that Michael Rosenbaum’s Lex Luthor was elected in 2018. It’s funny to see how certain story decisions are revisited after all these years, even if it’s paralleling real-life events in such sheer irony.

Michael Rosenbaum portrayed Lex Luthor in the first seven seasons of Smallville, returning for the series finale in 2011.

Source: heroichollywood.com – Michael Rosenbaum’s Lex Luthor Is President In Crisis On Infinite Earths

‘Teen Titans: The Complete Series’ Blu-ray Release Date and Bonus Content Revealed

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Continuing its dedication to mining and remastering the best of Warner Bros. Animation’s deep library of super hero productions, Warner Archive Collection proudly presents Teen Titans: The Complete Series on Blu-ray starting December 3, 2019. Single Season volumes are also available. Pre-orders are now available.

It’s a full plate of crime-fighting and chaos as Robin, Cyborg, Starfire, Raven and Beast Boy go up against killer villains such as Brother Blood, Mad Mod and their archenemy Slade. Get ready for all the big battles and unbreakable bonds that make these friends the unstoppable Teen Titans!

Teen Titans: The Complete Series ran for five seasons (2003-2006), and all 65 episodes are contained in this 6-disc collection. The Special Features include:

  • “Finding Their Voices” (featurette)
  • “Comic Creations: From Comic Book to Cartoon” (featurette)
  • Puffy AmiYumi (featurette)
  • “Catching Up With … Teen Titans” (featurette)
  • “Teen Titans: Know Your Foes” (featurette)
  • Teen Titans: Friends and Foes” (featurette)
  • Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo (feature film)
  • The Lost Episode (bonus episode)

Image via Warner Bros. Animation

Developed by producer Glen Murakami and executive producer Sam Register, and based on DC Comics’ young super hero team, Teen Titans: The Complete Series stars Greg Cipes (The Middle, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) as Beast Boy, Scott Menville (LEGO DC: Batman – Family Matters) as Robin, Khary Payton (The Walking Dead) as Cyborg, Tara Strong (Batman: The Animated Series, My Little Pony, Unikitty!) as Raven, Hynden Walch (Adventure Time, Groundhog Day) as Starfire, and Kevin Michael Richardson (The Simpsons, Family Guy, American Dad!) as Trigon/Hexagon.

Cast also includes Golden Globe Award-winner Ron Perlman (Hellboy, Sons of Anarchy) as Slade, Ashley Johnson (Blindspot) as Terra, Lauren Tom (Batman Beyond) as Gizmo, Wil Wheaton (Stand By Me, Star Trek: The Next Generation) as Aqualad, Dee Bradley Baker (American Dad, Star Wars: The Clone Wars) as Cinderblock, T’Keyeh Crystal Keymah (In Living Color, That’s So Raven) as Bumblebee, three-time Emmy Award-winner Keith David (The Thing, The Live) as Atlas, b (Futurama, Adventure Time) as Brother Blood, Michael Rosenbaum (Smallville) as Kid Flash, Hollywood Walk of Fame-honoree Malcolm McDowell (A Clockwork Orange) as Mad Mod, actor/author/spoken word artist Henry Rollins as Johnny Rancid, Clancy Brown (Emergence, The Shawshank Redemption) as Trident, Judge Reinhold (Fast Times at Ridgemont High) as Negative Man, Dave Coulier (Full House) as Captain, Billie Hayes (H.R. Pufnstuf) as Mother Mae-Eye, and Academy Award-nominees Virginia Madsen (Sideways), Thomas Haden Church (Wings, Sideways) and Michael Clarke Duncan (The Green Mile) as Arella, Killer Moth and Hayden, respectively.

Source: collider.com – ‘Teen Titans: The Complete Series’ Blu-ray Release Date and Bonus Content Revealed

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