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So yesterday I came online to a punch in the stomach…one of my favourite TV shows I have supported since it started and promoted as much as a fan can has been cancelled. I should be used to this after Firefly, Dollhouse, True Calling, Breaking In….and far too many to count. It seems like TV shows have 2 seasons tops and if they are not the top of the toppest they are cancelled and forgotten.

TV companies themselves say how hard it is to make quality TV and yet when they get gems like Impastor they do not give the writers time to explore the characters and they are deleted just as we the fans are getting to know the characters.

I know to TVland and these companies these shows are nothing but a chance to make money, but to us they are a chance to see our favourite actors on screen, a chance to make friends with other fans, a chance to make fanart or to write about our favourite characters. For me this was something I promoted so much I love Michael Rosenbaum (obviously) and I support him. But I came to love these characters, seeing the bloopers and the live facebook chats with Michael singing and it was a little light in my life and now I feel really sad that this is gone.

Now fans are calling to boycott the channel, a petition has been started and I beg you all to please SIGN HERE share this everywhere and tell everyone! We the fans need to show this channel that we will not let this amazing show be forgotten! And TVland please listen and give this a chance? Let us have this amazing show, get it up online, sell it to other countries, get some merchandise going and lets make this amazing

 – Beverley 


3 Responses to A letter to TVLand about Impastor

  • I tweeted TV Land yesterday and let them know I will no longer be watching their station. I know I’m only one person, but they need to know we’re out here, supporting Michael, the show, and the cast.

  • I love this show and it was the only thing I was looking forward to this past Summer. Turns out they moved the show to the beginning of the Fall. I think the ratings were down because a lot of people didn’t know it was on. The network made us wait more than a year to see it!! Also hardly any promotion. Barely a mention in the summer “what’s coming” guides in TV Guide and Entertainment Weekly. I really felt the network sabotaged it.

    That said, I rewatched the first season through cable on demand options, and always watched the shows I DVRed within 2 days.

    I am so sick of loving shows and having them cancelled in the middle of the story. Please bring back this show or shop it to another network….I WILL WATCH IT wherever it is shown.

  • Feels like the rug was pulled out from all of us fans—almost as though TVLand didn’t actually watch their own show…Heaven knows they did very little to promote it–Leaving Michael and his cast on their own to bring in the viewers.
    A Great Show becomes great over time (Like Seinfeld and Cheers)…Impastor was not given enough time or proper support.

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