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Breaking in photoshoot video

Ahead of the April 6 premiere of Breaking In, starring Christian Slater, Bret Harrison, Odette Annable, and Michael Rosenbaum, FOX has released a new cast photo shoot to take viewers behind the scenes to learn more about the new FOX comedy. In the Breaking In photo shoot, cast members talk about why people should tune in to see what Bret Harrison say is The Office meets The A-Team while Christian Slater admits how he didn’t know there were people in the world who could steal things legally.

Also in the Breaking In cast photo shoot, Christian Slater shares thoughts about playing a security mastermind while Odette Annable explains how her Breaking In character is a fearless, super sexy safe cracking bad ass. As the FOX photo shoot continues, Bret Harrison reveals why geek has become cool and how people will relate to his character.

Check out the new FOX photo shoot with the cast of Breaking In below ahead of the premiere of Breaking In on Wednesday, April 6 at 9:30pm:

Source: thedeadbolt.com – Breaking in photoshoot

Newburgh native Rosenbaum to appear in new sitcom starting Wednesday

Photobucket After keeping a relatively low profile the past few years, Michael Rosenbaum is not only reprising his role as Lex Luthor for the two-hour “Smallville” series finale on May 13, he also has signed on for the first seven episodes of the new Fox sitcom “Breaking In,” which stars Christian Slater and premieres at 8:30 p.m. CDT on Wednesday.

Rosenbaum, a Castle High School graduate, has received a script commitment from Fox in a joint deal with 20th Century Fox TV. Last year, he sold a script he wrote and created, “Saved By Zeroes,” to SYFY, that Sony and Happy Madison produced.

Rosenbaum also appears with another Lex Luthor, Kevin Spacey, in the movie comedy “Father of Invention.” While Spacey portrayed Luthor in “Superman Returns,” he and Michael also appeared together in “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.” Rosenbaum also has a role in “Catch .44,” an action drama starring Bruce Willis and Forest Whitaker, expected to be released later this year.

Rosenbaum’s younger brother Eric, another Castle graduate, has joined forces with Michael in creating, “ROSE and BOMB Productions.” Michael’s first project with the company is “GHILD,” a coming of age tale about a boy who is born a giant. Rosenbaum wrote, produced and starred in the fairy tale short, which is being shown at film festivals all over the country.

Source: courierpress.com – Newburgh native Rosenbaum to appear in a new sitcom starting monday

Breaking in review

Photobucket “Breaking In” was the biggest surprise of the spring crop of midseason shows. I didn’t expect to like it, but it’s actually a lot of fun. Also, I watched it after “Traffic Light” so the bar had been significantly lowered.

Cameron (Bret Harrison) makes a cash exchange on the USC campus, providing a teacher’s password for a student who needs to hack his way to an A. It turns out the classmate was a mole for Oz (Christian Slater). Oz shows up in Cameron’s dorm to force him to work for his high tech security company.

This is act one and there’s already a lot of fun non sequitur humor. The teacher’s password is a joke. Flashbacks show Oz’s heists and tell an entire story in one shot. The vibe of the show is Oceans 11-y with the geek references of “Family Guy.” Sometimes it tries too hard but it’s so fast that at least 50% of it is funny.

When Cameron gets to the office, he meets the wacky cast of characters. Cash (Alphonso McAuley) is a prankster who never lets up. His catch phrase is “Boom goes the dynamite” and it could get old, but it also seems to get funnier the more often he says it.

Josh (Trevor Moore) is paranoid about Cameron stealing his jobs. It seems annoying at first because Josh is really reaching for things to be worried about. It totally pays off though when Josh is the cause of the show’s biggest twist.

Melanie (Odette Yustman) is just one of the guys except she’s totally hot. She has a boyfriend, Dutch (Michael Rosenbaum) who’s intense and in your face, but actually does sweet thoughtful things for Melanie so he’s not a D-bag. My favorite is Creepy Carol (Jennifer Irwin), who hovers around Cameron reminding him to get a cake for the birthday party. Adorable.

The whole crew is totally nonchalant about all the high tech hacking and heisting. The technology is ridiculous because it’s just supposed to be fun. There’s a tracking device in a Goober, a USB drive that creates a backdoor to the system and a really cool toy to circumvent a laser grid. It’s Roger Moore era Bond.

Oz is the ultimate Christian Slater character. It’s like J.D. from Heathers grew up. He’s into anarchy and condones his employees causing trouble. He’s got cool memorabilia like Captain Kirk’s chair because he’s a man of exquisite tastes. It’s that smooth talking slicked back cool guy from the ‘80s (and ‘90s if you count Kuffs, which I do.)

There are so many schemes in the pilot, I wonder if they’re going to keep up this momentum each week. It’s a really quick half hour so it works as a standalone short. If it works every week, that’ll be a refreshing caper on TV. If it peters out, then the complete first season DVD will be short and inexpensive.

Source: screenjunkies.com – review Breaking in

Michael gets project with Fox

Photobucket Wonderful news for MR who has been trying to get into writing as well as acting since leaving Smallville as his relationship with Fox gets even better. According to Deadline, the actor has received a blind script commitment from Fox to pen a new project for the network in a joint deal with 20th Century Fox TV, as yet there is not much information but its incredibly exciting! Its a really great time to be a fan of MR right now with Breaking in about to air in the US, Saved by zeroes in the pipeline and now this!

Source: deadline.com – Michael Rosenbaum to pen project for Fox
digitalspy.co.uk – Smallville actor to write script for Fox

Breaking in with Jimmy Johnson


The episode of Breaking In that will air on April 20th, Jimmie Johnson, playing himself, discovers his team radio has been infiltrated and the confusion on the radio during a race causes him to lose. That’s when his team hires Christian Slater‘s team of investigators to figure out the problem.

Jimmie Johnson’s only real past acting experience comes from his commercial shoots for his team sponsor, Lowe’s.

Johnson also took a moment to make mention of his chatting with Michael Rosenbaum. He referred to Michael Rosenbaum as “The actor that was on Smallville” and Johnson said that Rosenbaum was a riot to chat with.

“If you have a chance to ask him some questions, you’ll get quality answers. Not sure you can write or repeat much of what he says, but he’ll be entertaining”

Source: brusimm.com – NASCAR & American Idol & Breaking in & Michael Rosenbaum