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Michael Rosenbaum Online is your oldest fansite dedicated to actor, director, and voice artist Michael Rosenbaum who is widely known for his roles as Lex Luthor in Smallville, Adam in Sorority Boys as well as many other roles in film, TV and animation. We’ll do our best to provide you with all the latest news, pictures, videos and more. Candids and paparazzi pictures will not be featured on this site.

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Michael now has a weekly Podcast where he talks with friends and tries to find out the deep dark stories that we all want to know!

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  • “Being in drag for three months – I now have an idea of what women go through. At least maybe a little.”

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Celebrity hockey photos….finally

I seem to have been searching like a mad woman but finally the wonderful @vivianbloom found some photos of MR at Luc Robitaille’s 4th Annual Celebrity Shoot Out To Benefit Echoes Of Hope they are small and not great quality Im afraid but any evidence he was there has been so hard to come by Im so relieved to have these! Better quality photos will be added when they have been tracked down

Beverley Matthews

Be a Ghild forever

Wow MR just tweeted a link to his trailer for Ghild and Im sure all of his fans are peeing their pants with excitement as much as I am right now! This is one of the projects that he has to offer at the start of this year and if the rest of the short is as sumptuous as the trailer I CANNOT wait!

Ghild trailer

I have uploaded screencaps to the gallery here:
Beverley Matthews

Make sure that you head over to the official page and like it Ghild official facebook

Michael disproves Smallville rumours


Once again as a fangirl I am thankful to Twitter, the fact that celebrities use it as a way to communicate with their fans is wonderful and last night Michael used it to answer all the rumours. The problem with this last season of Smallville is that we want the real Lex Luthor not a clone and their decision to use clones has left us fans wondering what is going on. Michael has said he probably will not return and that created a backlash from fans of the show against him however as a fan of MR I support any decision he makes and this site will always support him. He has a lot of new projects in the pipeline which is incredibly exciting Smallville was incredible for Michael but he has a lot more to offer us as fans of his.

Smallville return a possibility

There has been a lot of talk about whether or not Michael will return to Smallville’s last season or not. As a fan of Lex Luthor would love Michael to return and reprise his role in the last series of one of my favourite TV shows. As a fan of Michael Rosenbaum I want to see him spread his wings he has a new TV series saved by zeroes and breaking in, a short film Ghild and a horror film coming our way soon and I would love these opportunities to be a fresh start. I go back and forth all the time and from talking to other fans I see I am not alone in this.

However the show’s producers as well as Tom Welling have publically been reaching out to Michael and trying to get him to return. Though recently we heard that Kristin Kreuk definitely will not reprise her role as lana lang we now hear that Welling and the Smallville producers are “cautiously optimistic” about his return as Lex Luthor.

With filming conflicts and potential problems like the distance to where they film Smallville it may be hard to secure Michael’s return but along with the Smallville cast and crew we can be ‘cautiously optimistic’ to see the best Lex Luthor ever back on our screens.

Source: screenrant.com – Kristin Kreuk not returning, Michael Rosenbaum still a possibility

Celebrity hockey

Michael will be part of a hockey game for charity at this year’s Sundance film festival the game takes place Sunday, January 23, 2011 at the Park City Ice Arena, participants of this year’s shootout include NHL players Luc Robitaille, Joe Sakic, Rob Blake, Derek Armstrong, Ian Laperriere, Marty McSorley, Glen Murray, Mathieu Schneider along with celebrities Michael Vartan , Michael Rosenbaum, Jason Thompson, Steven R. McQueen, Alan Thicke, Andie MacDowell, Ryne Sanborn, Treat Williams, and Tom Bernard. Olympic Speed Skater Allison Baver and the first and only woman to play an exhibition game in the NHL, goalie Manon Rhéaume are also scheduled to appear.

Source: filmthreat.com – celebrity hockey

MR to recur on his new show Breaking in

Michael Rosenbaum could be promoted to a recurring role on new Fox comedy Breaking In.

The former Smallville star makes a brief appearance in the show’s first episode as Dutch, who becomes involved in a love triangle with Melanie (Odette Yustman) and Cameron (Bret Harrison).

Executive producer Doug Robinson told TVLine: “[Rosenbaum] will probably do at least these six [episodes] that we’re doing [beyond the pilot].”

He added that the character could become a permanent fixture in the office run by Christian Slater’s character Oz.

“We’re thinking about bringing Dutch in the office and making him a part of the team,” he confirmed. “[We’ll] maybe play out that triangle a little bit more.”

The executive producers of Smallville previously revealed that they are struggling in their attempts to convince Rosenbaum to reprise his old role as Lex Luthor.

Breaking In premieres April 6 on Fox.

Source: digitalspy.co.uk – Rosenbaum to recur on breaking in

While Smallville viewers continue to hope that Michael Rosenbaum will reprise the role of Lex Luthor sometime before the CW series signs off forever, there’s good news nonetheless for Rosie’s biggest fans.

TVLine has confirmed that the midseason Fox comedy Breaking In has big plans for Rosenbaum’s character, a crafty peddler of “clean urine” who figures into a potential romantic triangle with the top-shelf computer hackers played by Odette Yustman (Brothers & Sisters) and Bret Harrison (V).

Though not a series regular, Rosenbaum “will probably do at least these six [episodes] that we’re doing [beyond the pilot],” Breaking In exec producer Doug Robinson told me on Tuesday at the TCA winter press tour.

The Smallville alum made quite the impression on the Breaking In team with his cameo in the season premiere. Yustman touted her on-screen beau as a “genius” during the show’s TCA panel, while Robinson called the actor “great.”

In fact, with production on the next six episodes set to start in late February in Los Angeles, Robinson said, “We’re thinking about bringing Dutch into the office and making him a part of the team [fronted by Christian Slater], and maybe play out that triangle a little bit more.”

The silver lining for Smallville fans? Though Rosie has yet to sign off on an encore, sources tell me the show continues to pursue him.

Fox’s Breaking In premieres Wednesday, April 6.

Source: tvline.com – Rosenbaum to recur on breaking in