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New Back in the Day article

unnamed-560x828With no exotic scenery or filmmaker incentives, Indiana isn’t exactly one of Hollywood’s top locations for filming.

But the movie “Back in the Day”, set for release this month, was shot in 2012 in Newburgh, largely because star and director Michael Rosenbaum grew up in the Evansville suburb.

The actor, who portrayed Lex Luthor in the Superman television series “Smallville,” will return to Indiana Jan. 10 for the premiere of his film, in Evansville. The theatrical release is set for Jan. 17.

“Back in the Day” is a comedy about high school friends who return to Castle High School—the name of Rosenbaum’s actual alma mater—for a reunion.  Rosenbaum’s character starts pining for an old high school flame, played by actress Morena Baccarin.

Bacarrin is perhaps best known for her current turn as Jessica Brody in the Showtime TV series “Homeland,” and as the attractive leader of an extraterrestrial race invading Earth in the recent remake of the ABC television hit “V.”

Rosenbaum said he could have filmed “Back in the Day” in Los Angeles and have received a tax credit to boot. However, “I said, ‘You know, for authenticity, I don’t feel it’s going to capture the essence of where I grew up in the Midwest,’” he said.

The screenplay for “Back in the Day” also is by Rosenbaum. His first work as a screenwriter was the 2011 short film “Ghild,” about a boy who grew up as a giant.

Rosenbaum tried to raise money from investors but found it difficult. He said he sought financial assistance from Indiana but was told there were no funds available. Indiana’s tax credit for filmmakers, equal to 15 percent of production costs, expired in late 2011.

Other states are much more aggressive about attracting film productions than Indiana, typically enticing them with tax credits and/or rebates. For example, Illinois offers a 30-percent tax credit on expenditures, as well as an additional 15-percent tax credit on salaries of individuals who live in economically disadvantaged areas, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures.

The not-for-profit Indiana Media Production Alliance plans to hire a lobbyist in hopes of getting incentives for filmmakers restored. The group is proposing legislation that would include a 30-percent rebate or refundable tax credit on expenditures and nonresident labor, with minimum spending of $50,000.

Despite the challenges, Rosenbaum’s company, Rose & Bomb Productions, which includes his brother, Eric, shot the movie in Newburgh in 2012 on a budget of less than $1 million.

At times he and the cast stayed in the homes of his old buddies or with other Evansville area residents who were generous enough to help the aspiring filmmaker.

“For very little money you can still make a fun, entertaining movie,” Rosenbaum said.

The odds were against him. Not only would he have to convince fellow actors to head to Indiana, but he also pitched them during pilot season, when many actors are auditioning for new shows.

“Who in their right mind is going to southern Indiana for very little money, and in the midst of pilot season,” he recalled.

Baccarin looked at the script and said she loved it. The rest fell into place.

Parts of the movie were shot at the Knob Hill Tavern in Newburgh, a surreal experience given that his old teachers and pals used to hang out there.

The film is rated R, largely for some raunchy banter.

Some of the best known films shot in Indiana are “Breaking Away” (1979); “Hoosiers” (1986); and “Rudy” and “A League of Their Own” in the 1990s.

But in recent years, Indiana has found itself overlooked. States such as Illinois, Ohio and Pennsylvania offer studios generous tax incentives for filming within their borders.

Another of those states, Massachusetts, landed the location shoot for “The Judge,” a film to be released this year starring Robert Downey Jr. about a fictional Indiana town.

Another movie, “The Fault in Our Stars,” is based the novel of the same name by Indianapolis writer John Green and is set in the city—but was shot in Pittsburgh.

Source: – Comedy shot in Indiana headed for theaters

Class reunion turns crazy in Back in the Day

Back-In-The-Day In the comedy Back in the Day, a high school reunion gets out of hand as the class of 1994 tries to relive its youth in some inappropriate ways. Jim Owens, played by Michael Rosenbaum (Smallville), stirs up trouble when he makes a surprise appearance at his 20-year high school reunion and convinces his married friends to embark on one last hurrah. Between cruising their old strip, settling a score with the high school principal, rekindling a past romance and almost breaking up a wedding, this turns out to be one wild trip down memory lane.

There’s plenty of raunchy humor to go around in this irreverent flick, but it is also a celebration of friendship. Owens’ shenanigans nearly cost him some of his oldest friends when the fun gets out of control.

Other cast members include Homeland’s Morena Baccarin, Nick Swardson (Grownups 2), Harland Williams (Robot and Monster), Jay R. Ferguson (Mad Men) and singer/songwriter Richard Marx.

In addition to starring in the lead role, Rosenbaum wrote, directed and produced the film. Suzanne Blech, the president of Screen Media Films, which has acquired the worldwide rights to the project, was recently quoted by Indiewire saying, “We have followed Michael Rosenbaum’s career with great interest over the years and we are thrilled to be working with him on his directorial debut.” She went on to describe the movie as “the perfect mix of funny, crazy and endearing all rolled into one.”

Back in the Day will be available for On Demand (VOD) viewing Jan. 7, 2014, before hitting theaters in limited release Feb. 7, 2014.

Source: – Class reunion turns crazy in Back in the Day

Hit and Run photos

mroRecently, on the occasion when I might ponder the real-life relationship of Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard, my mind goes straight to the home video featured on Ellen Degeneres’ talk show, in which Shepard (behind the camera) tells Bell that he’s borrowed a sloth for her as a surprise for her birthday. Bell is so overcome with emotion that she breaks down in tears. It’s funny and it gives us an adorable look into the life of the couple. The photos from Hit and Run, a movie that also happens to be directed by Shepard, paints a very different picture of the duo, who play an engaged couple in the movie. Think, less tearful and more occasionally-cuddly/occasionally-bloody. There’s also one that may not be safe for work, so scroll down with that in mind!

We saw Bell and Shepard on screen together in When in Rome, however Hit and Run has them playing an actual couple this time around. Shepard wrote the screenplay and directed alongside David Palmer. The film has Shepard and Bell playing an engaged couple who find themselves on an adventure when Shepard’s character Charlie escapes witness protection to take his fiancé to Los Angeles for a “once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.” Also among the cast, as you’ll see in some of the photos below, are MIchael Rosenbaum and Bradley Cooper.

Judging by his appearance and the gun in his hand, I’m going to go out on a limb and speculate that Cooper’s character is one of Charlie’s old criminal pals. He looks kind of like the pre-brain-boosted Eddie in Limitless. And then there’s the guy with the beverage and the no-clothes situation. No idea what’s going on there!

I’m less inclined to think Rosenbaum falls into the same category as Cooper, as he looks a bit nicer dressed. Then again, Cooper’s wearing Adidas pants, and Rosenbaum’s using a golf club for a weapon, so there is sort of an athletic theme going on there, right? Either way, good cast! Speaking of which, Ryan Hansen, Tom Arnold, Beau Bridges and Kristin Chenoweth are also set to appear in Hit and Run, which arrives in theaters August 24, 2012.

Source: – Hit And Run Photos Show Kristen Bell, Dax Shepard And A Gun-Toting Bradley Cooper

Michael returns to Tri-State for new movie

mroActor Michael Rosenbaum, who grew up in Newburgh, is back and he brought the cameras with him.

He’s in the Tri-State shooting a movie called ‘Old Days.’

This is literally the old days for Rosenbaum.

He went to Castle High School, where he was in several plays, and now he’s back with a Hollywood camera crew.

Crews have been adjusting the lights and the set for a shoot that will take place in the Castle High School gym Thursday night.

Earlier Thursday night, we were outside on the football field.

The cast was shooting a flashback scene. To add more local flavor to this movie, some members of the Castle High School Football team were used as extras.

Michael tells 14 News it has always been his dream to come back home and shoot a movie.

He wrote the script, is co-directing and starring in the film.

He says there’s no place he would rather shoot this.

“I just wanted to write something about growing up and you come back here and you go, it’s so easy, it’s easier out here. You go out west and everybody is so busy and it’s all about the business and you come back here and you go, ‘I’m going to go have a sonic burger or some Pizza King.’ It’s really a dream come true. I have to pinch myself every 10 minutes and go, ‘I’m actually filming a movie in Newburgh, Indiana,'” Rosenbaum told 14 News.

Source: – Newburgh’s own Rosenbaum returns to Tri-State for new movie

Its official Fox renews Breaking in

mro Just a day after rumblings began to circulate online, Fox has officially announced it’s rescuing the Christian Slater sitcom Breaking In from cancellation, ordering a 13-episode second season that will debut in 2012.

The comedy, which also stars Bret Harrison, Alphonso McAuley, Odette Annable and Michael Rosenbaum, centers on Contra Security, a company that tests its clients’ security systems by breaking into them.

Created by Adam F. Goldberg (Fanboys) and Seth Gordon (Horrible Bosses), the half-hour workplace comedy has a history with the network dating back October 2009, when executives made the initial pilot commitment. The series was officially picked up in November 2010, but didn’t premiere until April 6, 2011, where it served as a midseason replacement following American Idol. Breaking In was canceled in May along with Human Target and a handful of other series, but talk of a reprieve emerged almost immediately.

“Breaking In is a creatively vibrant and wildly adventurous comedy,” Fox’s President of Entertainment Kevin Reilly said in a statement. “We are looking forward to bringing it back for a second season and continuing our relationship with this incredibly talented cast and these fantastic creators — Adam Goldberg and Seth Gordon. We can’t wait to see where they take these characters next year.”

Source: – Official Fox renews Breaking in

New hope for Breaking in season 2?

mro Fox’s single-camera comedy pilot Family Album is no longer in contention for midseason. Considered one of the hotter pilots at the network this past season, the half-hour, written by Joe Port and Joe Wiseman and directed by Shawn Levy, didn’t get a series order but, along with another comedy pilot, Little In Common, was put in redevelopment for midseason consideration. The network ordered a pilot reshoot, which later morphed into filming a whole new episode/pilot. The project’s original premise was to to have each season take place during a family vacation and the pilot reflected that. I hear that Fox ultimately found that premise too narrow and asked the creators to turn Family Album into a more traditional family show, with every episode focused on a different incident in the family’s daily life, including one chronicling their vacation. The studio, 20th TV, which co-produces Family Album with 21 Laps/Adelstein Prods., extended the options on stars Mike O’Malley and Rachel Harris and standout supporting player Rob Huebel at the end of June, while Port, Wiseman and fellow executive producers Levy, Adelstein and Becky Clements focused on reworking the show. But after a lot of back-and-forth with the network, I hear the producers and the studio felt that by transforming Family Album into a family show the concept no longer felt as unique and specific as they wanted it to be. Said a person close to the network, “We loved the auspices but ultimately could not get a clear handle on the creative direction for a re-tooled pilot.” The plan for such pilot has now been scrapped.

Family Album’s opens the door for the show that refuses to die, Breaking In, which was picked up to series 6 months after Fox passed on the pilot only to be canceled in May after a handful of airings. Like it did last year, producing studio Sony TV extended the options on the actors, this time sharing the cost with Fox. The single-camera workplace comedy has been added to the pool of contenders for the two-hour comedy block Fox plans to launch in March when Glee goes on hiatus. The field originally included new series New Girl and and I Hate My Teenage Daughter as well as pilots Family Album and Little In Common competing for 3 of the 4 slots. (Raising Hope has a full-season order.) Breaking In recently entered the fray, bringing the number of contenders to 5. That number has now dropped to 4 with the exit of Family Album.

Source: – Comedy family album not going forward at Fox will that help Breaking in?