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This is a fansite for the amazing Michael Rosenbaum, actor, writer, director, voice-over artist, and all round talented and driven man. You may know him from his work as Lex Luthor on Smallville but if that is all you have seen you are really missing out!! Michael has visited the site and really liked it he also approved of our raising awareness of multiple sclerosis. Here at Michael Rosenbaum Online you will find everything you need to know about this talented actor, writer and comedian including a section for fans and a comprehensive gallery with over 63000 images and videos.
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  • “Besides the physical strains I realized men can be pigs to women even when it`s a man dressed as one.”
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My first interviews at San Diego Comic-Con were in the TV Land press rooms where I had the chance to interview the stars of the newest TV Land shows like Michael Rosenbaum, star of Impastor, which airs tonight. In this roundtable interview Michael Rosenbaum continually has a great time just joking around with us and the rest of the reporters as well as constantly making fun of himself.

Q: Can you give us a little bit of an intro to your show?

Michael Rosenbaum: Buddy Dobbs, my character, is a con man and he steals a man’s identity and he finds out that he is now taking over for a small town. It’s the biggest scam that he’s ever had to do. Can he pull it off? He’s kind of going in there to take the guy’s money out of his bank account and he starts to realize ‘maybe I can get away with this.’ It’s a lot of fun. It’s filled with murder, sex, drugs, religion and all sorts of fun stuff. I’ve played the Flash and Luthor, now this guy who’s a loser. It’s a lot of fun. Luthor to Loser should be your headline for the article. But the character, not me, don’t call me a f***ing loser! [Laughs].

Q: What are your favorite things to do at Comic-Con?

Rosenbaum: I’ve never been to San Diego Comic-Con but I’m here now. [Grabs my phone] He’s got a stormtrooper on his phone! The Star Wars panel is tomorrow and I’m good friends with Carrie Fisher and I’m going to try to see it tomorrow. Look at my shirt, [slave Leia shirt] I mean how many guys off-ed to that scene? [Points to reporter] You?

Q: Were there a few off-set, on-set shenanigans?

Rosenbaum: Well Sara Rue, I’m a New York Rangers fan and she put a Washington Capitals flag on my chair and tweeted it out saying ‘Go Capitals.’ So then I tweeted her a picture of my ass on her chair and I’d say we are pretty even. I like to mix things up on set. A lot of people take things serious when they are on set, which I respect but I’m a big goofball and like to crack jokes, I try to be fun. Am I fun? [Asks me] Am I fun?

Chris Salce: Yeah! I’m having a good time.

Chris Salce: So about the role…

Rosenbaum: And I’m not a diva by the way…[yells] water! Water! [All the interviews in the room go silent]. Sorry [laughs], sorry about that guys! I interrupted every interview here [laughs].

Chris Salce: You want a fan too? I’ll fan you off.

Rosenbaum: Yes, I’m not that difficult. [Acts like he’s smoking a bong].

Chris Salce: How difficult and fun is it playing three different roles into one character? ‘Cause you play a con man, a pastor and a pastor who happens to be gay.

Rosenbaum: Yeah, that’s a good question. It’s a balancing act, everyday is new and there are scenes where I have to kiss a guy, I’ve kissed a guy before, I mean, who hasn’t? [Laughs]. It was in a movie called ‘Sweet November,’ they cut it out but Jason Isaacs’s in that movie and we make out. I’m pretty liberal. I’m comfortable with my sexuality, nothing stirs me, I don’t freak out. I wish everybody could be like that but everyday going on set and pretending to be a pastor and giving fake sermons and playing a gay pastor and telling people how to dress, I mean look at me, you know [laughs]. It’s fun to be able to be a con man and try to pull the biggest con ever on these people.

Impastor is f-ing hilarious! I had the chance to preview it about a week ago and it was not stop laughing and not one cheap laugh was given. So make sure you check it out on TV Land.

Source: – SDCC interview: From Luthor to loser

I have added a ton of images to the gallery today, episode three of Impastor screencaps, an appearance for AOL BUILD for Impastor Michael did, a radio programme Michael did with Sara Rue for Impastor at Comic Con  and also pictires from last nights premiere of I am Chris Farley. To see the images just click the pictures below…

Beverley Dickinson Beverley Dickinson

Beverley Dickinson Beverley Dickinson

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