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Michael quotes
  • “Lex refers to his past that he was this bald headed freak at an elite prep school. Well, I was, like the shortest kid in my high school – really nervous and kind of weird – so I can relate.”
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old days

Official Back in the Day facebook and Twitter

michael-rosenbaum-1gall I think everyone who is a fan of Michael’s is excited for his first venture as writer/director in the movie Back in the day (previously titled Old Days) It looks like we will finally get to see it in 2014….if we can be patient enough I am not too sure I can be!

Until then show your support and keep up to date with everything to do with the movie on the official Facebook and Twitter pages.

Old days interview

MRO Michael Rosenbaum has displayed his versatility as an actor by tackling many diverse roles in movies such as Bringing Down the House, Urban Legend, Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, Sorority Boys, Cursed and Racing Stripes. Rosenbaum is also held in high esteem for his best known and impressive performance as Lex Luthor for seven seasons of Smallville. In addition to his wide range of talent in front of the camera, this gifted actor is also a skillful writer and voice-over artist. He recently sold a script to Fox based on his childhood called Old Days. I was recently given the opportunity to interview Michael. Writer, director and star for his first feature film produced in his home town.

News4U (N4U): I’d love to hear a description of your new film “Old Days”. Is it an autobiographical storyline or fiction?

Michael Rosenbaum (MR): It is mostly fiction. There are a few things in the story that are based on reality. I won’t tell you those things though.  The story is about a man who is unsatisfied with his career as the face of a nationwide television campaign, so, he heads back to Indiana for his High School Reunion. And in attempt to relive the Old Days, he forces his humdrum friends to take revenge on their abusive high school principal, wreaks havoc on their respective marriages and falls in love with the girl he left behind… who’s supposed to get married in five days.

N4U: Who are the main actors in this film?

MR: It’s an ensemble piece, so I like to think that all of the characters are pretty important and we have a great cast.   Morena Baccarin, Harland Williams, Nick Swardson, Isaiah Mustafa, Kris Polaha, Danielle Bisutti, Sarah Colonna, Liz Carey, Emma Caufield, Mike Haggerty and Jay Ferguson all really brought something special to their roles.

N4U: What was your favorite part of being home in Indiana?

MR: The people. Everyone was so gracious. To see my friends helping out and pulling cables, or just being an extra in a scene was just surreal. I really had a tough time adjusting when I got back to Los Angeles. Just like my character in Old Days, I found myself falling in love with the town I left so many years ago. I would also like to take this time to thank everyone in Newburgh and Evansville for the amazing support. We could not have done it without you. Period!  And thanks to Bob’s Gym, Castle High School, Comfort Inn, Le Merigot, Town and Country Ford, Knob Hill Tavern, Pizza King and Sonic.”

N4U: When will we be able to see your epic film premiere? And where?

MR: I like the word epic.  I’m hoping to have a premiere in both Los Angeles and Evansville sometime next year.  That’s the plan. It usually takes about a year to finish a film.  

– Tamatha Lant

Source: – An interview with Michael Rosenbaum on Old Days

Michael returns to Tri-State for new movie

mroActor Michael Rosenbaum, who grew up in Newburgh, is back and he brought the cameras with him.

He’s in the Tri-State shooting a movie called ‘Old Days.’

This is literally the old days for Rosenbaum.

He went to Castle High School, where he was in several plays, and now he’s back with a Hollywood camera crew.

Crews have been adjusting the lights and the set for a shoot that will take place in the Castle High School gym Thursday night.

Earlier Thursday night, we were outside on the football field.

The cast was shooting a flashback scene. To add more local flavor to this movie, some members of the Castle High School Football team were used as extras.

Michael tells 14 News it has always been his dream to come back home and shoot a movie.

He wrote the script, is co-directing and starring in the film.

He says there’s no place he would rather shoot this.

“I just wanted to write something about growing up and you come back here and you go, it’s so easy, it’s easier out here. You go out west and everybody is so busy and it’s all about the business and you come back here and you go, ‘I’m going to go have a sonic burger or some Pizza King.’ It’s really a dream come true. I have to pinch myself every 10 minutes and go, ‘I’m actually filming a movie in Newburgh, Indiana,'” Rosenbaum told 14 News.

Source: – Newburgh’s own Rosenbaum returns to Tri-State for new movie

Michael heads home for next project


He spent a few years paying his dues on TV as Lex Luthor in Smallville, and he’s snagged a few movie roles here and there. But now Michael Rosenbaum is stepping up to direct his first full-length film, Old Days.

He’ll step in front of the camera too, starring as Jim Owens, a frustrated actor who returns home from the bright lights of Hollywood to the slightly dimmer pastures of Indiana and his 15th high school reunion. Naturally, there are complications as Jim gets into trouble with his old friends and rediscovers his feelings for his high school sweetheart (Morena Baccarin, most recently seen in US telly drama Homeland).

Rosenbaum has also recruited Sarah Colonna, Harland Williams and Jay Ferguson for the film, which he’ll kick off shooting early next month. While it’ll be his first spin behind the camera for a film, he’s already got horror short Fade Into You scraping through post production and also wrote and produced fantasy short Ghild back in 2010.

Source: – Michael Rosenbaum recalls old days