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Michael Rosenbaum Online is your oldest fansite dedicated to actor, director, and voice artist Michael Rosenbaum who is widely known for his roles as Lex Luthor in Smallville, Adam in Sorority Boys as well as many other roles in film, TV and animation. We’ll do our best to provide you with all the latest news, pictures, videos and more. Candids and paparazzi pictures will not be featured on this site.

Current Projects

Gigs and album with Rob Danson

Inside of you with Michael Rosenbaum podcast

Where have all the good horror movies gone patreon only Podcast with Jon Heder

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Michael now has two Podcasts

In Inside of you Michael talks with friends and tries to find out the deep dark stories that we all want to know!

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Where have all the good horror movies gone is a Patreon only podcast with Jon Heder. They discuss horror movies and if you want more information you can go to Horrorclub

The last  podcast is no longer active, however you can still listen to it. In this podcast Michael and Chris Sullivan talked about positivity and happy talks as well as having a phone line where you could ask for love advice!

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Michael quotes
  • “They asked me why I was wearing heels, and I said, I`m trying to hide my ass. They gave me a prosthetic behind.”
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Michael Rosenbaum Online

Paws for a new happy birthday layout

On the 17th of this month MRO has been a year online and to celebrate this I decided to get a new layout! Common practice I hear you cry but this time I wanted to combine this wish a chance to donate to a great charity Paws 4 a cause which is the yearly Ian Somerhalder birthday project run by Natalie from The vampire diaries: Blood falls A lot of fansites do a scrapbook or something for the celebrities birthday but she wanted to do more and after a lot of research came across St. Tammy humane society an animal shelter that Ian has been adopting his dogs from for years. This is a wonderful charity and thought up by a very ambitious and caring fan of one of MR’s friends. So if you have a wordpress blog you can go to Paws 4 a cause and donate a minimum of $10 and get an awesome layout like this one!

A monthly Michael

Now that we are in a new year and in fact a new decade I realise what is missing from my life…an official Michael Rosenbaum calendar! Now how awsome would it be to have a calendar every month with a new official glossy photo of MR? We need one for 2012! I really think he needs to remedy this with maybe photos of him in 12 of his favourite 80s band Tshirts? Or his favourite sports? What do you think? I would love to hear your thoughts here…

Lets get together and support the Rosenbaums

Here at Michael Rosenbaum Online we try to not only support Michael but his family as well. His brother Eric is involved in a great project called the Blackstone Project, an interactive book as well as a lovely little community we would love to see grow. So come and join us read a great book and make some friends

Visit The Blackstone Project

An affiliate has returned

We have a great affiliate who was called Kristen Stewart Central, however their content was stolen something that we do not tolorate. They thankfully have stayed around and reopened with a brand new name and a new layout so go check them out and support a great site
Ambitiously Kristen Stewart

Happy new year from Michael Rosenbaum Online


I wanted to wish Michael Rosenbaum, his family and all his fans a wonderful and prosperous new year! 2011 already looks incredibly exciting for Michael and here at MRO we are behind him all the way with love and support.

I want to thanks Michael for his support of the site this year and for making me feel so special when I met him in London. I also want to thank Rosenbaummedia for their support over this year and for letting me help them in return.

Here is to a Rosey 2011!

Lexmas one of the best Xmas episodes

MR’s Smallville episode Lexmas has been named number 5 on a list of top 10 most memorable sci-fi and fantasy christmas episodes. This is one of my all time favourite Smallville episodes and remains a fan favourite so its great to see it being recognised on this list

In a dream Lex sees the life he could lead if he walks away from his father and LuthorCorp. It’s surprisingly touching: in this possible future timeline, Lex and Lana have a baby on the way, Clark is still good friends with Lex (and is now sporting some pretty cool specs), and most of all Lex is living life as if a great burden had passed from him. Coincidentally, the last episode of Smallville this year before the holiday involved Clark finding himself in a timeline where he was found and raised by Lionel Luthor, placing himself in the opposite position from Lex here. It’s one of Michael Rosenbaum’s more interesting turns as Lex — he doesn’t have to be angry or duplicitous, and he and his character both seem to revel in the moment. – Top 10 most memorable sci-fi fantasy xmas episodes