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breaking in

Michael talks comic con, Goonies and his Superman T-shirt

mro Michael Rosenbaum is in heaven.

Before you jump to any conclusions, we should clarify that he’s in nerd heaven: Comic-Con. Well, “Breaking In’s” version of The Con anyway.

Rosenbaum fans can see the actor in action (and costume) at Comic-Con tonight, May 4, on an all-new episode of the FOX comedy. Contra Security, with new addition Dutch (Rosenbaum), heads to Comic-Con to recover the first print of “The Goonies” sequel (not actually happening, sorry to crush your dreams) that has been stolen by a Ninja Turtle. “Goonies” and Ninja Turtles? We. Love. This. Show.

So how does “Breaking In’s” version of The Con compare to the original? “I think they’ve replicated it pretty well,” Rosenbaum, who has been to Comic-Con, says. “What’s Comic-Con without Darth Vader or stormtroopers or Boba Fett or Gandalf the Great or Yoda? We’ve got ‘Avatar.’ We’ve got it all. It’s nerd heaven and I’m definitely a nerd.”

While some of his co-stars are dressing up as Xena or Na’vi, Rosenbaum is wearing the best costume of all (according to us anyway): Sloth from “The Goonies.”‘ Superman t-shirt included.

“I play Dutch/Sloth. I don’t know exactly what I’m supposed to tell you, but my character has a little bit of an allergic reaction to peanuts,” he explains of Dutch’s costume. “We have a nice ‘Goonies’ theme. I think ‘Goonies’ is an all-around favorite of every generation.”

There’s also a nice little meta moment for “Smallville” fans in the episode — Rosenbaum rocks a Superman t-shirt just like Sloth did. “”It’s a little homage. Adam Goldberg, the creator, really asked a lot and I said, ‘Whatever you want,'” Rosenbaum says of the shout-out. “It’s comedy, let’s make fun of ourselves. I’ll put on a Superman shirt, I’ll do whatever.”

Who would Rosenbaum dress up as for Comic-Con if he had the choice? “I think I’d dress up as maybe Bruce Campbell, ‘Evil Dead ll,’ something like that.” He’s right: He’s totally a nerd.

Source: – Michael Rosenbaum talks comic con ep, Goonies, and his Superman shirt

Breaking in icons

Inspired by MR’s brilliant portrayal of Dutch in Breaking in I made some icons I have added them to the gallery as well as some I made from his film roles. Click the picture to see the mini-goodies

Beverley Matthews

If you have any Michael fanart, wallpapers, icons etc and would like to see it in our gallery email it to me at

Breaking in review

It didn’t take long for Smallville’s Lex Luthor to conquer his latest challenge, taking over new Fox show Breaking In.

Michael Rosenbaum, whose douchy-but-utterly-hilarious character Dutch briefly graced the pilot, has been brought more into the fold and simply stole the show in last night’s episode, ‘Need for Speed.’

mroContra Security is hired by five-time NASCAR Sprint Cup champion Jimmie Johnson when his racing headset becomes compromised with distracting music. The pit crew believes a rival has hacked his communications gear in order to gain an advantage on the star. It’s Contra’s job to go undercover and deduce who in the locker room is the mole.

As in the last two Contra projects, Cameron again steps up to lead this one, but only does so to get himself removed from the unfavorable annex seating that Oz has set him up with. The problem? He knows nothing about NASCAR, and quickly blows his cover. But guess who is the ultimate NASCAR fan and Jimmie Johnson fanboy? Of course, it’s Dutch, his nemesis and his crush’s boyfriend.

Rosenbaum had been peeking in and out of the show for the first two episodes, but this is the first time we get to see him past the hilarious one-liners and sight-gags. We come to find out that he’s not the ladies man we were led to believe; in fact, he’s quite endearing and cares about Melanie a lot. However, he’s lying to her about his job at a non-profit and she breaks up with him after finding out (from Cameron). When we see his apartment, it’s pretty much barren except for a neon blow-up couch. Dutch and Cameron develop somewhat of a symbiotic relationship as Dutch needs help getting back with Melanie and Cameron needs help with his NASCAR project.

On the side, Cash is busy thinking that he’s programmed a copy machine to be sentient and is scared that it’s going to go all Terminator on him (which timely timely given this is the date Skynet machine become aware). It turns out, that it’s another prank by Oz, who always seems to be up to something when it comes to his employees.

I’m glad to see that the show isn’t settling into any one formula, though it does seem to be finding its stride as a casual, approachable comedy. The laughs are there and the characters are becoming more fleshed out and comical, offsetting Christian Slater’s dry but great humor as Oz (Oh and that was a nice touch having him emerge from behind a Tron Arcade machine). One has to wonder how long this love triangle between Cameron, Melanie and Dutch will play out because it has pretty much been the centerpiece of the show thus far. But it’s good news that Dutch will be around more and interesting to see the battle for the most laughs between Oz, Dutch, Cameron and Cash.

Source: – Michael Rosenbaum steals the show

need for speed review

Move over Josh and Cash, this episode’s all about Dutch!

MROMichael Rosenbaum’s character Dutch was great in his first couple of appearances. I became momentarily worried when “Need For Speed” started focusing on him more. He’s a pretty out there character, and I wasn’t sure if he could be sustained over more than just a quick scene. Cameron has a big hate on for him, but he’s just jealous Dutch is dating his crush Melanie.

Of course, Dutch isn’t the bad guy. He’s actually really sweet and obviously cares for Melanie (he made them their very own Muppets!). So what if he lied about joining a non-profit organization and actually lost all his money playing online poker? Who hasn’t done that before? The way Cameron uses Dutch to get a job done turns the tables, however, and kind of makes Cam the bad guy. At the very least he’s a jerk. Rosenbaum holds up surprisingly well throughout the episode, being consistently funny. In the end both he and Cam show that they can be good guys, with Cam getting Melanie back with Dutch and Dutch admitting he had help from Cam.

Cash apparently isn’t allowed to fix things in the office because he goes too far, adding useless features. The printer breaks down, and he decides to give it a brain. Predictably, the printer turns evil, but Cash makes it work with his reactions to it. It’s pretty obvious it’s just a prank to teach Cash not to mess with stuff. Pretty basic subplot that we’ve seen before.

Oz was his amazing self. Whenever he’s in a scene, he outdoes everyone else. Whether it’s convincing Josh to tase himself in the face, walking out of secret rooms (what room?), or coming up with possible catch phrases, his presence could very well be the best part of the show every week.

Now that Dutch is a part of Contra Security, we’ll be seeing a lot more of him. Thankfully this is good news and won’t hurt the show. This episode was like a test run for him to play a bigger part, and it worked out.

Source: – Breaking in need for speed review

Need for speed screencaps added

I have uploaded the screencaps from last nights episode of Breaking in to the gallery and what an awsome episode it was! I loved it and it was great to see MR in it so much he brings that extra something to the crew don’t you think? Hope all you fans in the US tuned in so we get another season of this brilliant series!

Beverley Matthews

Michael talks Breaking in and getting his Lex appeal back


This Wednesday on Breaking In (Fox, 9:30 pm), Melanie’s beau finds himself putting aside the clean urine to join Oz’s team. How does Cameron, who’s been crushing on Melanie, react to this addition? And is Dutch as douchey as he seems? Michael Rosenbaum gave TVLine an inside look at he who dons Uggs and pilots a yellow Hummer, as well as shared a surprising fact about his encore as Lex Luthor for the Smallville series finale.

TVLINE | I’m glad to talk to you, since I was the one who broke the news about you getting booked for the full season of Breaking In.
I was just going to say, you’re the guy who’s been really kind to me! I like this guy! It’s nice to be doing comedy again, for sure.

TVLINE | Who is Contra Security’s client this week?
[NASCAR champ] Jimmie Johnson is having some security issues – someone on his pit crew has been interfering with the communication when he’s racing. He finishes second, and being a five-time champ he doesn’t like second place. He comes to Oz (played by Christian Slater), but the problem is that Cameron (Bret Harrison) doesn’t know a lot about cars – so he unfortunately he has to go to his arch nemesis, Dutch.

TVLINE | And that paves the way for Dutch to join Oz’s team.
Exactly. Obviously Cameron’s got a big crush on Melanie (Odette Annable), but he’s got to suck it up and do what’s right for the team. He’s not too happy.

TVLINE | This job seems a bit, um, “structured” for the likes of Dutch.
It is, and you’ll see that he doesn’t attend meetings, he’s not on time… He’s got things to do, like manis and pedis, Brazilian waxing…. He comes in shirtless – “Sorry, guys, I was just chuckin’ some nun!” He likes the idea of a job, but he doesn’t want to work.

TVLINE | That’s what cracks me up, that none of his quirks seem to go together. Nunchucks, Uggs, the Hummer, mani-pedis….
… He’s got a scarf with skulls on it…. I kept saying to Adam Goldberg, the creator of the show, “This guy is a big douche, no one is going to like me!” He’s like, “Yeah, but you have a good heart. You give [Melanie] massages….” He’s a good boyfriend, he doesn’t cheat, but on the outside he’s a big goof. Anyone in a yellow car cannot be cool.


TVLINE |Does Dutch have any sense that Cameron is sweet on Melanie?
He refers to him as his girlfriend’s “asexual bestie,” so…. He thinks he’s harmless. Dutch looks at him like, “Look at me, look at this guy. There’s just no way.” He doesn’t even have a good base tan.

TVLINE | Jimmie Johnson said the hardest part of doing the show was you cracking him up on set. What are you typically up to?
[Laughs] I always have to think of 10 different ways to say a line. Like when I see Jimmie for the first time, it’s, “Oh my god!” Well, “Oh my god” is just typical, so that turns into “Holy balls!” Who knows what they’ll end up using.

TVLINE | How do you suppose a Saturday night for Dutch differs from a Saturday night for Michael Rosenbaum?
I’m a lot more boring. I went to see The Bill Hicks Story the other day, by myself. I like to play a game called “Mafia” on the weekends. I have my friends come over and we barbecue. Dutch probably goes jumping out of airplanes, racing cars…. He likes to go to clubs and dance to Rick Astley. Now there’s a shirt I want to get, “Things Rick Astley Will Never Do.” 1) Never gonna give you up. 2) Never gonna let you down…..

TVLINE | Tell me about the overall deal you have with Fox.
They gave me a script deal, so I’m going to write a script for them, and there’s a holding deal, and I signed on for the first seven episodes of this show…. We’ll see what happens. I’m having a good time, so if this show comes back hopefully there’s a deal to be worked out.

TVLINE | Whatever came of Saved By Zeroes, the pilot you and Jonathan Silverman wrote about two sci-fi series alums who try to get their lives back on track?
That was a disconcerting experience. We sold it to Syfy, Happy Madison was producing it, and the president of Syfy was all in. But then it wasn’t his choice; it came to [someone else], and then it kind of fell through. We couldn’t believe it. But we’re getting it back and we’re going to try to go elsewhere. If I have to spend my own money, I’ll make it myself.

TVLINE | Turning to your Smallville encore: Tom Welling told me that it was if you had never left, that you both just jumped right back into the whole Clark-Lex thing.
I have to say, that was the most amazing time, going back. There were people who worked on that crew that aren’t even working on the show anymore that came to see me. It was like a family I hadn’t seen in a while. People don’t know this, but I got nervous. I was really nervous. To jump back into that role and start quoting Sun Tzu, and I’m looking at Tom…? It felt so surreal. I was going, “Can I do this?” And finally you just do it! And believe it or not I’m actually glad I shaved my head all those years, because the bald cap [used in the series finale] is a bitch! It took like 2-1/2 hours to get on, and it is not the most comfortable thing.

Source: – Michael Rosenbaum on breaking into comedy, regaining his Lex appeal

Get ready to race on Breaking in

A new teaser has been released for this weeks episode of Breaking in where Cam needs Dutch’s help its a big week for MR fans so don’t forget to tune in and lets get them the biggest audience possible! This show is so good and really lets Michael show off his comedic skills so lets pull together to get them picked up for a full season! Breaking in is on every wednesday after American Idol in the US