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Michael Rosenbaum Online is your oldest fansite dedicated to actor, director, and voice artist Michael Rosenbaum who is widely known for his roles as Lex Luthor in Smallville, Adam in Sorority Boys as well as many other roles in film, TV and animation. We’ll do our best to provide you with all the latest news, pictures, videos and more. Candids and paparazzi pictures will not be featured on this site.

Current Projects

Gigs and album with Rob Danson

Inside of you with Michael Rosenbaum podcast

Where have all the good horror movies gone patreon only Podcast with Jon Heder

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Michael now has two Podcasts

In Inside of you Michael talks with friends and tries to find out the deep dark stories that we all want to know!

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Where have all the good horror movies gone is a Patreon only podcast with Jon Heder. They discuss horror movies and if you want more information you can go to Horrorclub

The last  podcast is no longer active, however you can still listen to it. In this podcast Michael and Chris Sullivan talked about positivity and happy talks as well as having a phone line where you could ask for love advice!

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Michael quotes
  • “The first day of shooting I walk up to Christopher Walken, and I said, Should I call you Mr. Walken or Chris? He goes, “Call me Flash.””
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The lunch with Michael Rosenbaum

147968912gall Michael Rosenbaum joins The Lunch Podcast this week talking about the new film Back In The Day, which not only features him in the lead as part of a talented cast (including Morena Baccarin, Harland Williams, Isiah Mustafa and many more) but also marks his debut as a feature-length screenwriter and director. We dined at Greenblatt’s in West Hollywood, and talked about topics ranging from his decision to shoot in his hometown, trying to bring back the art of the tasteful poop joke, the mythical Italian taste treat known as the Stromboli, why your indie film’s title can’t start with ‘O,’ and many and various other topic while discussing his debut as a feature-film director. Back in the Day will be in theaters on Friday the 17th, and is currently available on video-on-demand.

You can listen to the podcast HERE

Michael on Decently Funny podcast

Michael Rosenbaum (Smallville, Justice League) is this week’s guest on Decently Funny and we jump right into a very serious topic, manscaping. Michael played Lex Luthor on Smallville so he had to shave his head everyday for a while, but Michael, Nuzzy & Guy all discuss the naughty areas that they shave. We also talked about Judaism, broadway shows, dating, childhood, and the best way to accurately throw a Garvin. Michael nails a number of celebrity impressions throughout the show and he also leaves us with terrific advice on our upcoming Henry Winkler intervie

This week we play an exciting game of “Play it Forward” where Michael Rosenbaum has to match wits with last week’s Decently Funny guest: comedian/actor Steven Brody Stevens.

Watch Michael Rosenbaum, Nick Swardson, Harland Williams and Morena Baccarin in Back in the Day available on Video On Demand starting 1/7/14. Theater release 1/17/14.

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Michael appears on the Crypt movie podcast

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Actor/Writer/Director Michael Rosenbaum (“Smallville,” Urban Legend) joins Adam and Joe for a rowdy and hilarious discussion about directing his first feature film Back in the Day, the differences between a major studio production and an independent film, what comes with having played the iconic “Lex Luthor” on one of the most historic show’s on television for 7 years, and learning how to direct from being on a set. Of course your terrific “Viewer Mail” questions are answered at length, Bruce Fuery punishes the boys at the hands of his “Fists of Fuery,” and Rosenbaum joins in for the most challenging “5 Minute Movie” so far. Listen, learn, and laugh along at one of the most fun episodes yet!

Michael makes his way down the Harland Highway

mro Finally Michael has appeared on his good friend and co-star Harland William’s podcast! Hear him almost flunk an 80’s music quiz, sing, and do his famous bong impression! You can of course download and subscribe to this podcast on itunes Michael is on Podcast 276 or you can get it here Harland Highway 276